Top 4 Creative and Personalized Engagement Photo Ideas That You Can Not Miss

There is no doubt that all newly-weds-to-be hope their engagement photos can be novel and full of creation. And they often take the chance to show  their personality as a couple. Today we will introduce 4 types of creative and Personalized engagement photo ideas for you.

1.“Small person”
This kind of engagement photos specializes in turning happy couples into miniature inhabitants of over-sized worlds which is literally translated as “Small Person,” As you can see from these pictures, the end result is as sweet as it is surreal, and as simple as it is stunning.
creative small people engagement wedding photocreative small people engagement wedding photo2

creative and personalized engagement photosvia@boredpanda

2.Hand-drawn “Love Story” on the ground
You may think the couple are standing on the ground at the first glance. If you look carefully ,you will find that they are lying on the ground where painted simple painting like flowers and balloon and so on. The couple are posing many funny postures  according to the painting, which show their sweet daily life in a funnier way.
creative love story engagement  photo

creative childhood hand drawn engagement photos

 via@Love Story

3.Lying on the ground with actual goods creative and personalized engagement photos



creative underwater engagement photocreative underwater engagement photo2What is obvious is that the underwater engagement photos are absolutely wonderful, elegant, romantic and creative, but  there are 3 things that I want to point about them
a.Underwater photos are more dangerous than you can imagine, so if you are not well prepared, do not try.
b.You should also prepare that you may encounter
some awkward situations like this:
underwater photosor this
wedding-shots33Whatever, you are the most beautiful

c.finished ˆˆ

Last but not the least. May all the newly-weds always be in love! May happiness increase with age.