Eco friendly wedding invitations refine your nuptial

Wedding is of course one of the most important events in your entire life. And the invitations are always the first impression people get to know about the big day. Couples nowadays merely chase after gorgeous and charming instead of thinking about whether they are eco-friendly or not.

Actually eco friendly wedding invitation is a new and novel way to celebrate your big day as well as protecting the environment. Just like any other wedding invitations, they begin one to two months before the big day. And the most important aspect of and green wedding is conservation. The fact is that conventional invites always waste trees, give out toxic gas and invariably produce waste during the whole complicated process. Actually, you may have many options to choose except traditional invitations.

One of the most popular environment-friendly wedding invitations is paperless invites. If you happen to be a person tired of sending out paper invitations with the worry of missing them, e-invites is actually an excellent choice for you. You can either call your guests or you can send them through e-mails. They are not only environmentally friendly, but also economic because they are almost free.

If you insist on having a paper wedding invites you can still make eco friendly ones. It is advisable for you to choose recycled paper to make the invitations. They come in different styles and color choices, which is advantage that the traditional papers don’t have. It is a good choice not only because they are eco friendly but also lies in that they are easy to be recycled and cheaper in price when compared to the original ones.

Besides, you can also choose from materials like hemp, bamboo and cotton. But they may be a little bit expensive than the recycled options, but, in fact, they can achieve a refined and elegant looking than a standard paper invitations.

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