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Top 3 Rustic Wedding Ideas and Matched Wedding Invitations

“Rustic Wedding” seems to be a new trending wedding theme for the next year 2017. To be honest, I fell in deeply love with the charming, vintage feel and simple elegance of an rustic wedding. Mixed with the natural elements as the following pictures show, you can try for your own rustic wedding.

1, Rustic wedding ideas with sunflower

outdoor wedding ideas for 2017 spring and summer

photo credit: stylemepretty / weddingchicks / mywedding / himisspuff / elegantweddinginvites

2, Rustic wedding ideas with string lights

rustic wooden string light wedding reception ideas

photo credit: inspiredbythis / junebugweddings / ruffledblog altaregoweddings / elegantweddinginvites

3, Rustic wedding ideas with lace and burlap

country wedding ideas with vintage lace and burlapphoto credit: moncheribridals / hative / himisspuff / himisspuff himisspuff / elegantweddinginvites

Best Vintage Wedding Invitations in Rectangle Shape

Last week, we talked about how to choose the wedding invitations online. Today I will share more elegant invitations in rectangle shape with you.
Widely popular, Rectangle Invitations are beloved for their timeless beauty and incredible versatility. Their flat design makes it easy for the stylist to design it. Simple and pretty, Rectangle Invites still reserve ample space on both sides to share your wedding date, location, and other essential information.
Scroll down and enjoy the wedding invitations below.

Vintage invites with lace, keys, vellum band or brown ribbon

vintage lace wedding invitations with free RSVP cards

Laser cut floral wedding invitations

floral retro wedding invitations

Colorful layered wedding invitescreative laser cut wedding invitesPhoto Credit: Elegant Wedding Invites

How to Choose Affordable and Elegant Wedding Invitations Online

First, please take your wedding theme into consideration. Is it a rustic(country), vintage, beach, or destination wedding?
Then search on the internet to pick up the beautiful wedding invitation cards. Here are some tips for you how to choose the invites online:
1, Order an sample to check the cards quality first.
2, Please make sure whether the cards can be custom-made in the wording, color and image pattern, etc.
3, The paper is key to the whole effect. The heavier the stock, the more luxurious the feel. So many brides choose to save their price-cutting strategies for other areas and indulge in slightly more upscale papers.
4, Before printing, please ask the seller to send you e-proofs with your own wording to check, which is a most important ways to check whether there is spelling mistake or error.
5, To cut a budget, do not forget to ask the seller whether it includes free respond cards and free shipping.

Please enjoy the following colorful wedding invitations in square shape. Next time, I will share more wedding invitations in rectangle shape.

custom wedding invitations with tags

graceful laser cut wedding invitations

creative western wedding invitations

affordable custom wedding invitations
Diy wedding invitations with differnt color ribbon or vintage keys

purple navy and blush pink wedding invitations

Photo Credit: Elegant Wedding Invites

Attractive Laser Cut Wedding Invitation cards

A striking wedding invitation with creative touch sets a great start to your up and coming stylish wedding as it can really intrigue your guests long before the wedding day, giving each invitee something spectacular to look forward to. Here’s some fabulous laser cut invitations inspirations that can help you choose your own wow-factor wedding invitations with less time, money, and energy. Take a look and happy pinning!

Colorful flowers laser cut wedding invitation in soft pink tone  is a wonderful choice for spring outdoor weddings or colorful floral decorated weddings.This intricate pocket wedding invitation surely  will  help you make your wedding as unique and memorable as possible.


Featured Wedding Invitation:  Elegant Wedding Invites

The gorgeous four sides open envelop wedding invitation reminds me of the Chinese folk paper-cut artworks. If you are having a rustic, country or vintage weddings, this unique wedding invitation will easily entice your guests’ expectations for your special day.

four sides open envelope Style laser cut wedding invitation card

Featured Wedding Invitation:  Elegant Wedding Invites

A gorgeous navy blue laser cut wedding invitation suite warped with white organza ribbon in the middle. Your guests will be mesmerized by the exquisite details of this elegant and sophisticated laser cut designs.

white and navy blue  wedding invitation cardsFeatured Wedding Invitation: B Wedding Invitations

How sweet and lovely this blossom laser cut wedding invitation! Perfect for your garden or springtime wedding,this exquisite invitation is a sure way to impress your guests.

pink laser cut wedding invitationvia  liagriffith

Looking for a striking invite that will wow your guests? Then take this feather laser cut envelope wedding invitation and set a great start to your up and coming stylish wedding.

Laser cut  wedding invitation  in feather pattern

Featured Wedding Invitation: B Wedding Invitations

A luxurious laser cut envelope wedding invitation suite from Elegant Wedding Invites that  is perfect for gold color indoor weddings and other formal style weddings.

graceful pearl white laser cut pocket envelope wedding invitation

Featured Wedding Invitation:Elegant Wedding Invites

I am totally obsessed with this new stylishly gorgeous wedding invitation piece with creative laser cut silver flowers frame

unique laser cut wedding invitation cardvia  Mod Wedding

The perfect invitation would reflect the style, personality, and uniqueness of the person sending it and convey special sentiment and messages about the occasion.” The pretty love tree laser cut wedding ceremony invitation is created for some certain wedding themes like wedding in forest and wedding under the tree and so on. 

love tree laser cut wedding invitationvia Laser Creative

This modern invitation is a sure way to impress your guests. Delicately detailed laser cut petals in a gate-fold style convey contemporary sophistication with elegance. The laser cut petal front opens up to a pearlized paper in your choice of various colors that you can select to match the color palette of your wedding. Definitely a striking start to your stylish wedding.

pretty laser cut wedding invitation

Featured Wedding Invitation: B Wedding Invitations

2013 Wedding Trends-Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

laser cut wedding invitations

These laser cut invitations really struck me with the intricate, modern designs that the laser cuts lend themselves to. They are designed by a range of suites showing off the different ways lasers can be used-from metallic card, to wood and colored acrylic. It lends such a different feel to a wedding invitation and is one of those things that truly attract me deeply!

elegant laser cut wedding invitations

laser cut wedding invites

love birds laser cut wedding invitation

Love birds wedding theme is one of the trending wedding theme in the year 2013. Sending  these love birds laser cut wedding invitations to set the tone for the wedding and giving guests the first big surprise.

laser cut love birds wedding invitations

laser cut wedding

laser cut wedding theme

black and white laser cut wedding invitations

The combination of black and white is the timelessly classic and can definitely promise you a memorable and gorgeous wedding day.

black ansd white wedding invitations

laser cut wedding invite

laser cut invitation

Love heart for your wedding invitations

When choosing wedding invitations, you must be stuck in the vast ocean of different design and pattern wedding invites. If you want to use love heart as your design, you just come to the right place enabling you view different style of love heart invitations and choose one you like.

red heart wedding stationery

red and white heart wedding invitations

Invitations with gold heart express a feeling of elegance and delicacy. These stylish wedding invitations usually feature white background, gold design and pattern press. The folded design adds more delicacy to your invitation, which can leave your guests good impression after they open your invite.

heart stationery and ribbon

Using red as your main color can express the hot and romantic love. The red invitations match well with the white pocket envelopes. Heart wedding invitations are presented to your guests in envelopes that should have as well this symbol in order to let your guests know that there is a romantic message included in the envelope.

hearts and gold rings

Apart from some heart pattern, you can also decorate your wedding invitations with some heart ornaments. This stationery can bring a different feeling for your wedding invitations.

Delicate ribbon wedding invitations

Wedding is one of the most significant events in our life. It symbolizes the transfer in our life from a single to a family representing the new chapter in the future. Making preparations for a wedding seems to chief work of all that. It’s no wonder that choosing wedding invitations will be your first step.
pink ribbon wedding invitations

Here, those delicate ribbon wedding invitations may firstly come to your mind. It’s hard to imagine that designer make the full use of ribbon and display its beautiful side on invitations. The color of ribbon can be various and make you dazzled.

green ribbon and pocket envelope

Sometimes ribbon are used to tie cards together making sure all the cards are hold well. In this case, ribbon is always designed to bowknot as its beautiful outlook and easy to be made.

black ribbon wedding invitations

Of course, ribbons with jewelry or flower are also used to decorate invitations, which will make your wedding invitations more delicate and elegant.

White Wedding Invitations Add Spark to Your Dream Day

Elegant white wedding invitations for wedding featuring other delightful color combination and ingenious pattern designs will definitely add spice to your dreamy winter nuptial. Most girls have long been looking forward to a dreamlike marriage ceremony which will build tangible and sweet memories for both new couples and all the esteemed guests.

It should be a fantastic scene that charming bride dresses in a piece of stunning white gowns decorated with fabulous satins and romantic lace details. The whole wedding hall is filled with pure white ornaments, such as pink and white lily wreaths at the table, lovely white place cards decorated with bear couples and delicately vaulting of transparent chiffon. Refined and meaningful moments are usually written into water.

white wedding

Since wedding is customarily a significant ceremony signifying two creatures in love gathering together in the presence of all the esteemed attendances who come happily with great prayers, engaged couples always endeavor themselves to making wedding preparation known as a sticky business in perfect order. Meticulously mastermind of genius spousal themes for favorably basic tone, exquisitely facial or body treatment for brightly crystal skins and delicately selection of enticing wedding dresses for perfectly body figures are all the vital processes.

white wedding themes

As a remarkable incarnation of purity and holiness, white is commonly adopted as the main tone of wedding themes and the decoration color schemes. as for wedding invitations which is universally known as a remarkable intermediary for transmitting all the effective information about marriage date and reception hall and also a brilliant reflection of new couples’ distinctive  hobbies, newlyweds should also put original insight in invitation designs to leave a desirably first impression on recipients.

white wedding ideas

White rose wedding invitations of pure white pearl paper has pretty scalloped edges. Two embossed brilliant gold butterflies with scattered gold glitters decorate the cover. Lovely and graceful z-folded cards matched with envelopes will catch the eye-sight of recipients at the first sight and arouse the guests’ strong desire for sharing happiness and felicity with you.

white wedding cakes

White should be a perfect collocation for almost all the other colors. As for brown invitation for wedding, jewels rolling over the card can magnify its beauty with brown swirls strikingly weaving into the fantastic picture acting as an excellent recollection of meaningful memories.

wedding decorations

Man-made invitations can directly express couples sincere wishes to all the recipients. Provided that you have great skills in handicraft, engaged couples can utterly make DIT wedding invitations at home through picking out the high-grade paper textures and creative layouts based on the elaborately designed themes. Owing to the annoying blots and the large quantity, it is absolutely advisable for you to refer to a reliable supplier for a large selection of modern bridal invitations. On account of considerately customize service, a great variety of affordable wedding invitations cards online, such as elegant purple wedding invites, vibrant green invitations for wedding and romantic pink wedding invitation cards will cater for couples’ different tastes. Pick out the most desirable white wedding invites and fulfill your fancy dream!

white wedding invitations

Purple and White Wedding Invitations Styles

Elegant yet modern purple and white wedding invitations featuring delicately traceries and ingenious pattern designs will make your marriage ceremony different from others and leave a profoundly first impression on recipients. As for wedding invitations which customarily act a brilliant intermediary for transmitting all the effective information about veracious marriage date and meticulous reception hall, brides and grooms ordinarily attach more attention to invitations designs since they are also universally known as an excellent mirroring of new couples’ distinguishing hobbies to a great extent.

purple wedding

Almost all the girls throughout the world have long been aspiring for an extraordinarily dreamy nuptial like the fantastic scene in the fairy tale since childhood. It is definitely a refined moment when girls step into a new stage of bright life. Wedding is utterly a divine ceremony signifying two independent souls gathering together in the name of love with all the friends and family at the present. Refined and marvelous moments feel more inclined to being written in water. For the sake of building tangible and sweet memories for all the esteemed guests, engaged couples commonly do their utmost to making wedding preparation in perfect order. Apart from elaborately option of enchanting wedding dresses for charming body figures, exquisitely facial or body treatment for brightly crystal skins and meticulously mastermind of ingenious spousal themes for impressive basic tone, unique invitations for wedding should also be put genius insight in.

purple wedding invitations People almost have no resistance for elegant and graceful styles. Purple is well-known as a perfect incarnation of dignity and gracefulness. Royal purple wedding invites holds purple-the most elegant color in the background and the symmetrical design of flowers demonstrating the newlyweds flying wing to wing. Fabulous and creative pattern design and bright color schemes customarily leave a satisfying impression on your esteemed guests at the first sight. In order to add spice and interest to invites, you can decorate cards with lovely ribbons and brown stripes.

purple and white wedding invitations Elegant heart shaped z-folded bright white pearl invitation is stunningly embossed with floral pattern. Cards can be held closely by a delicate white ribbon. Gold print on the lower right corner spices up the whole layout. Simple white invites with delicate purple flowers and personalized message adorns can also reflect the true love between couples and permit recipients to share your happiness or felicity at the first sight.

white wedding invitations

When taking the annoying blots and the large quantity into consideration, couples can refer to a reliable supplier specializing diversified affordable wedding invitations cards online with considerate custom service. Elegant purple wedding invites decorated with retro-inspired feeling will be suitable for either formal or vintage themes. Gorgeous white invitations for wedding decorated with simple yet graceful line drawing can impress guests intensely with attractive glamour of refinement.

purple wedding centerpieces

Vibrant Green Wedding Invitations Cheer Your Nuptial Up

Vibrant green wedding invitations overflowing with enthusiasm and vigor customarily act as a brilliant catalyst for cheer your elaborately planned marriage ceremony up. Nuptial which is a perfect match based on pure love is customarily regarded as a heavenly function signifying two congenial spirits gathering together in the presence of all esteemed guests.

For such a magnificent ceremony, brides and grooms who have long been aspiring for a dreamy and memorable wedding commonly attach much attention to delicately option of enchanting wedding dresses for fascinating figures, ingeniously mastermind of creative nuptial themes for unforgettable reminiscence and meticulously selection of captivating wedding halls for desirably grand banquet.

green photo wedding invitations

Accounting for a large proportion among wedding preparation universally known as a sticky business, bridal invitations which ordinarily turn out to be a remarkable intermediary for conveying all the essential messages about accurately marriage date and settled wedding site and also a fantastic refection of new couples’ personal hobbies should be put extraordinarily genius insight in.

Since marriage ceremony usually start with proper invitation cards, creative yet elegant wedding invites feel more inclined to leaving a profoundly satisfying impression on recipients at the first sight. With no doubt, invites are often chosen to cater for brides and grooms’ distinguishing inclinations and match well with delicately panned themes. Wedding stationery which commonly transmits directly visual feeling to recipients can be selected by different colors which will absolutely attach significant tone for marriage reception.

green and brown wedding invitations

As the perfect signification of vitality and enthusiasm, green usually gain much favor among people who are fascinated by vibrantly refined things or environmental protection. Now modern invitations incorporate various necessary elements into frame designs.

As a perfect color combination, green and white usually leave a favorable impression of purity and freshness on all the recipients. Sunset trees collocated with twinkle stars in the cards are overflowing with a jolly and romantic glamour. In order to attach more importance to the vital message adorns, elegant swirling of fresh green color at the edge of frames are under white base. Brown and green invitations decorated with bright jewels and winding flowers are suitable for either formal nuptial or vintage marriage reception. With the brown color marvelously woven into the cards, they will remind people of the refined time.

green wedding invitations

In virtue of highly developed printing technology and well-chosen paper textures, a great variety of custom wedding invitations online are always available of full color schemes and original pattern designs. It is utterly advisable for you to choose other stationery as a desirable collocation for wedding cards with the same color scheme. Elegant purple wedding invitation cards are suitable for either vintage or modern ceremony; romantic pink invitation styles will definitely fulfill your fancy dream since childhood; fresh blue wedding invites can present fabulous beach view at the front of recipients vividly; vibrant green invitation cards for wedding cheer all your esteemed guests who will come happily with great prayers up. Enjoy your unique day and create sweet memories for both yourself and all the guests!