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Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette

Your guests know your big day through your wedding invitations. Thusly, it really counts for you to have decent wording printed on your wedding invitation.

As wedding invitation wording pass on the vital information of your wedding, so that your honored guests can be aware of your most important wedding day.
Gorgeous ribbon style wedding invite
A typical invitation include certain customary elements: the host line, request line, bride and groom line, date and time lines, location and address lines. Sometimes, you also need to include reception information and RSVP information on the invitation. Although every invitation should have these information, it still can be worded and arranged in numerous ways. In short, you do the wording in good etiquette manner and in a comfortable way.

Blomming wedding invitation

There are some basics to ensure your wording decently. First, dates and times should be spelled out; Secondly, Mr and Mrs are abbreviated and Jr. may be, but the title Doctor should be spelled out. Thirdly, no punctuation is used, except after abbreviations and between the city and state. Finally, write in third-person.

Classy blue pocket wedding invite

Usually, wedding invitation wording consist of couple hosting wording and parents hosting wording. See as below.
Couple hosting format
Jennifer Lynn Powers
Robert Allen Everson
request the honor of your presence
at their marriage
Kamey Loraine Batiz
Ronald Quinn Wilson
invite you to share in the joy
when they exchange marriage vows
and begin their new life together
Parents hosting format
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Powers
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Jennifer Lynn Powers
Robert Allen Everson
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth John Everson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Powers
Mr. and Mrs. William Everson
invite you to share in the joy
of the marriage uniting their children
For more information, you can visit professional wedding invitation website.

Various wedding invitation wording

Wedding invitation wording is the communication bridge between yourselves and your honored guests. You need to create your own wedding invitation wording or choose the ideal wording from many options. It is also needed to take care of the etiquettes before you make the decision of whatever wording to be used on your wedding invitation. These etiquettes can be known through professional websites or your mother. Talk to your mother about the invitation wording is necessary.
Exquisite Branches Pocket Wedding CardExquisite Branches Pocket Wedding Card
The wedding invitation wording divided into 5 basic sorts including both parents hosting, bride’s parents hosting, groom’s parents hosting, couple with parents hosting and couple hosting. With so many choices, here I would love to show your some wedding invitation wording.

unique wedding invitation wordingunique wedding invitation wording

The left one shows both parents hosting wedding invitation wording, the left one shows the bride’s parents hosting wedding invitation wording. Names, date, location, address and reception information are the common elements of the wedding invitation wording.

The left one is sure for couple with parents hosting wedding invitation wording, and the right one is sure for groom parents hosting wedding invitation wording. The general wording styles are just like the above ones.

This wording is the classic wording for couple hosting wedding invitation. It is formal style wedding invitation wording, if you want to have some unique wedding invitation wording, just take a look at the following ones.

The two creative wording is really romantic and brilliant. If you don’t want to keep the old rules and want something different while great, just choose such kinds of wording.

Fabulous Wedding Invitations for Your Impressive Nuptial

Since unique wedding invitations which are universally known as both a desirable intermediary for all the effective messages about the specific nuptial site or accurate time of ceremony and a super-excellent incarnation of distinctive inclination of brides and grooms generally leave a satisfying first impression on all the recipients, all the new couples always feel much inclined to paying more attention to putting special creative insight on the bridal invitations design. It is undeniable that all the newlyweds turn out to be big with joy in their heart although they have been thrown in a knotty condition of being busy for considerate preparation. Brides do their endeavor to taking exquisitely facial treatment to achieve irredeemably wrinkled skin and picking out the most charming wedding dresses seriously. At the same, in order to create tangible and sweet memories for such special day, new couples utterly do their utmost to thinking up unique wedding themes according to their hobbies. An impressive nuptial ordinarily start with meticulously designed wedding invitations cards.

Wedding Invitations Cards, Wedding Invites, Wedding

In virtue of excellently printing technology and high-grade paper materials, now a great variety of wedding invitation cards design follow fashion trends to meet your different requirements. Generally speaking, invitation cards for wedding are chosen to match the formality of nuptial reception, new couples’ personal preference and planned themes.

Gothic Wedding Ideas, Wedding Invitations Cards

Longing for Goth wedding which appears very elegant and graceful? Commonly you should focus on venue, furniture and lighting to successfully pull off this theme. The retro-inspired wedding accessories can absolutely spice up your nuptial. Thus vintage wedding invitations of exquisite design should be your best choice. Succinct patterns with elegant graphics are eye-catching enough through laying stress on wedding invitations wording and all the valid information.

Black and White Wedding Invitations, Wedding Invitations Cards, Wedding Invites

As one of the most popular styles, black and white wedding invitations are extremely perfect for formal nuptial. It is widely accepted that nothing says ‘sophistication’ more than a black and white invitation cards. Such perfect combination can not only give priority to the elaborate wording to transmit sincere wish to recipients who will attend happily with deep prayer but also set off your distinctive characteristics.

Making invitations of your own workmanship with original wedding ideas can absolutely to a great extent convey sincere prayer. Provided that brides and grooms have great skill in handicraft, you can present all your guests with unique wedding invitiation of surpassing brilliancy by yourselves to allow you to share joys and felicity with all the recipients.

Wedding Invitations Cards

Nevertheless, owing to considerable quantity of cards and annoying blotting or smudging caused by poorly printed or hastily mailed before the ink was fully dried, it is advisable for you to look for a reliable supplier which specializes in offering diversified cheap wedding invitations, such as fabulous save the date cards for making sure your friends and family keep your wedding date available, affordable bridal shower invitations for calling on your girls to attend the upcoming bridal shower and custom  wedding invitations for those who are fascinated by ingenious or funny design to impress all the guests profoundly at the first sight. On account of considerate customize service; you just need to bring forward a creative design proposal so that you can enjoy your big day with fantastic wedding invitations cards.

Etiquette you have to pay attention when writing wedding invitations

Wedding invitations should be according to some Etiquette, no matter how informal the wedding is. Observing the etiquette can save lots of misapprehend that can be avoided. Actually, by following the rules and small nuances of what most people think about, you set the stage for other relationships in the future.

Wedding Invitation Wording

No matter you are holding a simple wedding in your yard or a well selected place, the appropriate wording on your wedding invitation is picky in making the stage for a well arranged occasion.

It is not only applied to invite the special in your life, it is also used to inform. No matter it is a second marriage, or the adult only occasion, the wedding invitation makes that distinct.

Write out all names to the envelopes.

Contain reply cards and preaddressed envelopes, so that it will allow you to plan for the proper number of guests.

If it is the event special for adults, only address to the adults for the household. It is wrong to say “no children” or “adults only” in the wording.

Send one invitation for each household unless adult children after eighteen also live at the same address.

Speck all words rather than use abbreviations, containing Road, Street, and Avenue.

For weddings held in a not religious setting, you can say “request the pleasure of your company.” For weddings held in a worship, write “requests the honour of your presence.”

At the condition the wedding is held by the couple, just write “Bride’s name and groom’s name request the honour of your presence.”

If the wedding is held by the bride’s parents, their names should be written first then the names of the couple. The parent’s of the groom can be written after the groom’s name, for example: “groom’s name, son of Mr. and Mrs.”

In condition the wedding is held by the bride and groom and their parents, you can write “Bride’s name and Groom’s name, together with their parents” or if the parents are already divorced and remarried, just write “…together with their parents and their spouses”.

If the wedding not that formal, make sure to write so. It is suitable to write “informal attire” in wedding invitation wording in condition like this.

If you do not want your guests to take presents, you can write “Your presence is the only gift we request.”

These are important roles for you to make your wedding better and happier.

Decent wedding invitation wording for couples

Wedding invitation will offer an wonderful insight into the coming wedding, offering message as well as adding color of the theme to the wedding.

In the past, wedding invitations were usually written in a very formal way, consequently penning an invite was not a hard work. During the time of twenty-first century, there are various kinds and designs to wedding, for example, fashion or informal wedding, each with their own exceptional rule.

At the same time, invitations still base on a similar formwork, the extraordinary wording of the invitation is completed to the discretion of the couple.

Here is some rules for wedding invitation wording, young couples can have a look.

First, you have to make the decision who will announce the wedding

Commonly, the wedding will be announced by the father and mother of the bride, and they are the people to pay for the wedding. Nevertheless, nowadays, monetary contributions can be done by many different parties, and so a determination demands to be made as to the ceremony really announcing the wedding with the invitation.

In the condition that the bride and groom will announce the wedding, they can write their invitation like this:

“Together with their families,

Mr. David Smith and Ms. Laura Jones”

Traditionally, the invitation will read:

Mr. and Mrs. Jones”, or

“Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Jones”

The Request

Next in the invitation comes the demand for the guests being invited. Usually, the demand will be like this:

“Request the honor of your presence”

If the parents of the bride announce it, this phrase will be written with the words like “at the marriage of their daughter”. If the couple is holding their own wedding, the line can change into “invite you to join us at the celebration of our marriage”.

The Names of the couple

Distinctly, it is the most significant part of the invitations, and as such is often designed with a larger font. It is traditional that the bride come the first. If the wedding is held by the parents of the bride, the bride’s surname will be omitted in this condition.

A more fashion choice is to give up any ‘Mr.’ and ‘Ms.’ titles integrallty, and many also leave out middle name.

Here is the example:

“…of Laura Elizabeth to Mr. David Gareth Smith”, or

“…of Laura to David Smith”

Wedding ceremony details

The date comes next on the invitation. In traditionally way, numbers are omitted sustain words, for example:

“Saturday, the sixth of February two thousand and ten

at two o’clock in the afternoon”

The location then arises down the exact time. If the location is popular, it may not be needful to contain a full address. Nevertheless, if the place is less popular it may benefit the recipient to include many details.

Traditional wedding invitation wording examples

Usually, wedding invitation wording will cover all information about the names, time, and address, and the other necessary information. Each part of information holds its own line and no punctuation are applied, except between the address of the wedding and the city and country in which it will come up.

Here is the almighty example for you to refer to, what you have to do is just feel in the blanks here.

In its simplest form, the sequence of lines usually follows this order:

[proper names of those hosting]

request the honor of your presence [request line]

at the marriage of their [list relationship of the bride to the host]

[bride’s first and middle names]


[groom’s full name]

[day of the week], the [day of wedding] of [month of wedding]

at [time of wedding] o’clock in the [time of day]

[name of the location of wedding]

[city], [state where wedding will take place]

Reception to follow

More information about wedding reception to follow

If there are someone or your parents that not mentioned in the wedding invitation, it is better to recognized somewhere else. The idea is prepare a special note in the wedding procedure, a particular toast at the dinner, or speak out to the guests when speaking in the wedding.

Some standard Wording rules

Now, many can pay for the wedding, so as the bridal and groom, both their parents, stepparents, grandparents, and the other people. It’s significant that you give account where credit’s due, the people who has their name on the invitation ought to pay for the wedding.

* If one side of parents is hosting your wedding, list their names on the top of the wording.

* If both sides of parents host it together, write both of their names on different lines, bride’s parents comes first.

* if the couple is hosts the wedding, but you’d want to honor parents by write them on the card, you just stress their relationship to the couple under that person’s name.

* If everyone has contributed to the event, you should write the couple’s names first, and follow with “together with their parents”.

Photos, great elements applied in wedding invitations

If you are preparing the wedding invitations, and are wondering which elements should be used in it, why not consider about your photos! Choose your favorite photos and printed them into the card, simple but romantic! Here are some examples for you to have a look.

Five of your photos fill this elegant, bright white card with your design of wonderful moment! A creative card at the bottom is designed with your photos and the wedding invitation wording on one side. These photos are printed in black and white, which will be fashion and romantic. Select an impressive color and lettering type for the wording. You can put the photos in the place you want and adjust the perfect proportion of it.

Make the best invitation all over the world! Classical photo are printed on a large, fashion square invitation of ecru paper, matched with the romantic satin ribbon. The word on the front is showed, and your wording is showed right on the side. Select an great element for the words. It will be wonderful if the photos are printed in white and black. But you can choose the color you want.

Elements in the wedding invitation are beautiful and elegant, at the same time, creative. The ecru design card is printed with the laughing pictures of the couple at one side, happiness can be infected, so we suggest to take use of the happy photos. Come to the wording, “Mr. and Mrs.” is put in the corner which brings a warm feeling. Clear seals are contained for closing the wraps.

All these are created to bring people the atmosphere of romantic and happiness, so, the couples should have a happy mind to welcome the romantic moment. With your photos on the invitation, your guests will have a clear idea of the information you send.

Wedding invitation wording—in condition that the bride and groom hold the wedding

Paying more attention on details will help save a sum of money for wrong wedding invitation wording. For printing the invitations will cost the money. There must be hidden information of who pays the wedding, his or her name will be written first there. Now, many young people choose to pay the most of costs together, consequently, there must be the names mentioned as ‘hosting’ to invite their friends enjoy their wedding together.

Create the wedding invitation particular and genuine and set the spirit you are hoping for with your wordings. A integrated invitation for wedding will express all the information needful for the guests to take part in your wedding, it must include the such as exactly time, address, the hosts and the other messages.

The wedding invitation wording should be written like this in the condition the bride and the groom hold the wedding. Here is the example.

Bride name and Groom name requests the pleasure of the company of Guests names to the celebration of their marriage on Saturday 16th May, 2010 at St. Anne’s Church, 25 Church St Sydney, NSW at 3.00pm and afterwards at Diamond Reception Centre 345 Pacific Hwy Hornsby, NSW ETC.

Here is another example:

Guests names The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage of Bride name and Groom name on Saturday 16th May, 2010 at St. Anne’s Church 25, Church St Sydney, NSW at 3.00pm and afterwards at Diamond Reception Centre 345 Pacific Hwy Turramurra, NSW ETC.

For further consideration, some other important wedding invitation etiquette should also be pay attention to. For example, the invitations should be sent at least two months before the wedding is holding, your may have the probability to send the invitations to friend who is living in the other countries far away, so you have to send the message longer before the wedding, Save the date cards will play a important role here.

Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording for every couple

As we all know, wedding invitation wording is very important to a wedding, the wrong wording could give rise to someone’s experience being harmed, in addition, wrong wording being printed will make your elegant invitations unserviceable, it is really a waste of money for you have to print the other one again, the cost is the superfluous expense.

It is the first reminder to the guests for your wedding information, you have to attach importance to the wedding invitation, The details of the wording, the design if the invitation, they are all the importance which we have to keep in mind. There are definite rules that should be abided by when selecting your wording for the romantic invitation.

Let’s say something traditionally, that is the rules long time ago, It was the bride’s parents who have to pay for the whole wedding. Things changes all the time, rules are also improved according to the habits of nowadays people. And the costs of wedding is increasing all the time, it is a wise choice to judge the ability of the couple. Mostly, both of the bride and groom will pay for it. Before you are planning the wedding, it must be sure who will pay for it, and then there have the next steps.

Wedding invitation etiquette is not as simple as you think, in the invitation, the first name the guests see should be the hosts, so that the guests have a specific idea about who has paid for the wedding. The wedding of a son or daughter is a very particular chance to any mother and father, putting their names on the invitation is really a good-mannered and polite behavior, even they have no economical benefit.

There are also many details about the courtesy in wording, just the difference between identity will make you think about for a long time, but there will be no trouble if you pay more about the information usually.